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Blake Johnson
Founder of LikeMinded.
Blake Johnson,
Founder of LikeMinded
Hey guys! My journey started when I was 18. I always had a HUGE interests in shows like TEDx, shark tank, entrepreneur interviews, product launches, conferences and more! This was when I really started to question life because I saw people like, Steve Jobs, Mark Cuban, Gary Vaynerchuck, creating huge companies and doing all these amazing things, yet the mentality around me was "go to school, get a job". I'd often think, well why would I want to do that when these entrepreneurs are doing something much better, I can do that, surely! So, there began my interest in entrepreneurship and trying to make my impact on this world. I had a few ventures up until the time I was 21. 

I'd always invest in myself and did so by attending 3-day seminars, which were absolutely amazing! But after 1-2 months after the seminars, I would often start to fall back into old habits and lose a lot of momentum.One thing I struggled with was being on this journey alone... no one else to look to for guidance, support or mentor-ship. I soon realised that many others feel the exact same way as me. Thats when I decided to create LikeMinded!

My ultimate goal was to connect people just like us so that we didn't have to go through our journey alone and realise that many others are feeling the same. So, I decided to put them in a room every single fortnight because one of the best things you can do is hang out with LikeMinded people.
Gary Gee,
Partner of LikeMinded.
Nicholas Ferralis,
Videographer for LikeMinded
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